Graphic Design & Marketing Material

Graphic Design & Marketing Material

Whether you need to inform, entertain, persuade or advertise, our talent and experienced design team can help.

We take great pride in creating persuasive and effective material in print and online that visually communicates your message and your brand.

We specialise in producing marketing collateral that works. We ask questions about your target market, your sales process and your customers product awareness and deliver create marketing material that: informs, connects and sells.

Our services include:-

  • Graphic design - logo design, brand development, brochures, catalogues, reports, posters, books, PowerPoint presentations, stationery
  • Photography - location shots, product shots, profile shots
  • Copy writing - sales letters, brochures, advertising, web content, proof reading
  • Print management - short run digital to large run projects
  • Info-graphics and map creation
  • Cartoon characters, illustrations & mascots
  • Web based - web banners, email signatures
  • Signage - Wayfinding, Heirarchy style guides, vehicle signage

We produce marketing material for:-

  • Business Startups who need to launch their new company.
  • Councils who need a brand review and audit plus inhouse documents and a brand style guide to ensure brand consistency
  • Distributors who need to support their network with great sales material and point of sale
  • Organisations who need inhouse documents and brand guidelines to assist staff
  • Established companies who need to take back control of their brand

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