Council Brand Guidelines

Council Brand Guidelines

Does your council/organisation protect it’s identity?
Despite the best intentions, a lack of consistency can easily creep in. Logos may start to vary; stationery and forms begin to take on identities of their own through incorrect fonts, colours and a gradual dilution of the original look. Such problems can easily extend to your website — especially if designed by someone without a clear idea of your brand and council identity.

The solution is surprisingly simple:
Our Council Style Guide provides staff with clear and concise direction and guidelines to ensure consistency is maintained when applying the Council Brand design elements to material such as stationery, memorandums, policies, PowerPoint presentations, signage and work uniforms.

By achieving consistent branding in the marketplace, you will communicate to the community, region and stakeholders alike, the Council’s professionalism, brand identity and dedication to achieving a high level of performance.

The Concept Factory has extensive experience in brand management in print and online.

  • Comprehensive Brand Review
  • Experienced brand team to walk you through the process
  • Stationery & promotional templates can be used by staff
  • Professional & easy to implement Council Style Guide document
  • Optional cloud based resource - perfect for sharing files


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